A tale of two Minceys: Bot or not, there’s more than meets the eye

I spent several hours today sifting through the strands of the Nicole Mincey story. A bot, or not a bot, that was the question on the minds of several major media outlets. This is one of those stories that seems to get murkier the deeper you look into it. Definitely more to the story than appears at first glance. Will be working this story into an article for the Inquisitr and most likely do a follow-up with “who got what wrong and how” for TheGoldwater.

Seriously though, People and Vogue should learn to READ the news before they set out to WRITE it. Kicking tunes in the background courtesy of Andalucia of old. Apologies for “potato grade” microphone. First thing on the list if/when I ever get Patreon patrons is a Blue Rhino mic.

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