Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing most of my life. My first (self-published) book was a side stapled 5 page short story about “The Pied Rock Singer of Hamelin” for a 5th grade Spelling assignment. I haven’t given up on the dream of self-publication since. I kept up with publishing fairly regularly as a semi-professional from around the age of 18 on. The last couple years I’ve been primarily doing freelance writing, content creation and social media management.

What are your primary skills and areas of special expertise?

My skills according to LinkedIn, (ranking from most commendations [7] to least [2]), include Journalism, Copywriting, New Media, Social Media Marketing, Research, Magazines, Creative Writing, Blogging, Publicity,  Public Relations, Entertainment Journalism, Editing, Storytelling, Strategic Consulting, Web content writing, Herbalism, Guerilla Marketing, Online Marketing & Digital Media.

Meanwhile, Klout ranks me as an expert in the fields of Entertaiment Journalism, Frank Zappa, Charles Bukowski, Artists, Actors, Books, Chealsea Manning, Comedy, Creativity, Entertainment, Film, Fine Art, History, Internet, Journalism, Magazines, Media, Movies, Painting, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Poetry, Politics, Publicity, Self-Improvement, Social Media & Street Art.

I am proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite and Windows and have operated WordPress, Shopify and cPanel CMS. I also have experience working with Mailchimp for newsletter marketing.

What topics do you cover?

I write primarily about news, politics, cultures and sub-cultures (and the clashes between such) when I’m not writing about herbalism, ethnobotanical history and lore. Technology, national security, transhumanism, pop culture, mythology, linguistics, hacker subculture, Discordian history, you name it. If I’m interested in it I’m probably in the midst of researching it.

Any projects around the corner?

I’m currently working to get my Patreon and YouTube channel up and running amidst seeking out a few new mastheads to hang my hat upon. A fiction project (The Opium Bug, a mock-Gothic and bit of experimental Weird fiction in the form of a multi-generational tragedy), a non-fiction work on Charles Krafft, the Northwest Mystics and their second cropping, the Asparagus Moonlight Society and Fishtown community and a handful of zines. Of course, continuing to dabble in calligraphy, doodles, cutups and collages, bespoke notebooks and handcrafted jewelry.

What’s the best way to get in contact?

Send an email to me at newdawnherbal[at] Or track me down on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

And finally, what is the capital of Assyria?

Assyria had multiple capitals. They are as follows: Ashur (or Qalat Sherqat), Calah (or Nimrud), Dur Sharrukin (or Khorsabad), and Nineveh.1 The ruins of all four ancient cities fall within the modern state of Iraq.