Interview with Cassie Jaye about The Red Pill documentary

I got a chance to chat with Cassie Jaye, the documentary filmmaker responsible for The Red Pill documentary recently. The Red Pill is an exploration into the Men’s Rights Movement and the making of the film spurred a life-changing journey for Cassie. We touch on the recent Australian media backlash, some of the negatives and positives that cropped up as a result of making this controversial film as well as the upcoming “Red Pill: Raw Files” series she is releasing for free on Patreon (Patrons get early access by the way).

The film is available streaming for rent or to buy on Google Play, Amazon, Hulu and iTunes. Find out more at and support Cassie’s work at her Patreon page:

This interview will form some of the basis to an update of my previous article at the Inquisitr about Cassie’s hostile reception in Australia.

Cassie Jaye Receives Backlash In Australia For ‘The Red Pill’ Documentary

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