Interview with parkour expert, life coach, Curron Gajadhar

curron gajadhar aspernaut to build a traceur parkour

Curron Gajadhar is an artist, parkour athlete, personal trainer and life coach as well as the founder of the method of movement (and accompanying philosophy for life) he calls “The Principles of Setae.” The Principles of Setae are based on the secret behind the gecko’s grip. The amazing adhesive ability of the gecko, by the way isn’t based on it’s own stickiness, rather a sort of electromagnetic bond called the Van Der Waals force that allows it to fuse on a molecular level.


I first interviewed him in San Diego while I was staying at the ITH Adventure Hostel for the website Gifts from Earth. Hopefully we’ll be doing a followup soon for GFE’s People Profiles section. Meantime, check out my initial interview with him. You can also follow To Build a Traceur at Facebook or catch him at his website


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