Kevin Spacey’s Brother Opens Up About Nazi, Rapist Father

I was asked what I thought about Kevin Spacey coming out yesterday. I was asked if I “supported him.” My question: his coming out as a homosexual or a pederast? As for support, the answer would be yes and no respectively. Not unlike Jeffrey Katzenberg’s half-assed apology when his quote from over 20 years ago about Molly Ringwald, Spacey offered a semi-apology. He doesn’t remember it happening, but apologizes anyway? Well, that makes me feel like he remembers but doesn’t want to admit it. Without contrition an apology is useless. Without confession there is no contrition.

As Kevin Spacey’s literal house of cards (as well as the show he headlined of the same name) began to crumble before him, he tried to deflect the charges of sexual assault on a minor and turn it into a “coming out” party. I’m of the opinion, by the way, that perhaps Weinstein and Spacey were chosen as sacrificial lambs to protect the rest of the herd of perverse predators who form the majority of the body politic of Hollywood.

It gets weirder though. Limo driver and professional Rod Stewart impersonator Randy Fowler is Kevin Spacey’s brother. Randy says he was not surprised at the claims of sexual abuse by his actor brother. His exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, he claims that their father, Geoffrey Fowler was a member of the American Nazi party who shaved his mustache to resemble Hitler. He was also violent and abusive, earning him the nickname “The Creature.” He repeatedly raped Spacey’s brother Randy as a child.

Randy Fowler claims that Kevin Spacey escaped into acting and “had no feelings.”

“He was so determined to try to avoid the whippings that he just minded his Ps and Qs until there was nothing inside. He had no feelings.”

Kevin Spacey claims he has to “address other things” in his life since the incident with Rapp and a relative of news anchor Heather Unruh came out. Some reports claim the Anthony Rapp incident as Spacey’s attempt at “seduction” but when Rapp talks about Kevin laying on him and having to run to another room and lock the door it sounds much more like a legitimate rape attempt than any sort of simple “seduction.” Rapp was a baby-faced 14 at the time.

It should be mentioned that the Daily Mail has a reputation as something of a tabloid. However, they were the first to break the Snopes fraud and escort scandal before Forbes confirmed it. Also, since their publication of Fowler’s account the story has been covered in the Independent, Australia’s the Age, as well as in New Zealand and some US outlets.

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