Mambog (Kratom) Segment From the Goldwater Studio In Manila

It was the chance of a lifetime, when the kind folks from The Goldwater invited me to Manila to meet some of the crew, try some mambog to possibly help facilitate an introduction to the US of a new region of kratom and get to know the folks I’d been working with for the past few months, I couldn’t say no. Literally, an offer I couldn’t refuse. The kratom segment runs from 6 minutes and 38 seconds to about 14 minutes and 38 seconds. Fair warning, a lot of the rest of the video is NSFW. The Goldwater, after all, is sponsored by 8chan, so some slightly edgy, inappropriate humor is pretty much par for the course.

Remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel for the Goldwater and you can tune in on Sunday nights at 8pm CT till 10pm CT. We usually take callers through Discord in the second hour.

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