Researchers Explore Line Between Reality and Dream With Hallucination Machine

We live in an increasing cyberpunk world these days. What was once solely the realm of twisted sci-fi horrors plucked straight out of William S. Burroughs or Philip K. Dick swiftly become commonplace. Something about the insidious way these technologies blend and mesh together to create a new landscape, can inspire thrill or dredge up depression. Sometimes perhaps, both. What better diabolus in machina to encapsulate our age? What better metaphor for the ever-shifting mirage of this cyberpunk paradise/prison we inhabit than the Hallucination Machine. A device that would fit perfectly into a plot from some dystopian nightmare.

What fuels the dazzling dreamscape of the Hallucination Machine is the ever-developing AI mind. The hallucinatory landscape is interfaced via a virtual reality headset. The experience yielded by a “trip” in the virtual reality dream world is touted as akin to the psychedelic experience. A fully, immersive experience that is not just a novel toy, but a possible exploratory means of kenning how our brain processes the impulses and information that will be construed as perception. Part of the goal has been stated to delve into the line between reality and hallucinations.

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