Freelance or short to long term contracted writing

I’m a writer/researcher above almost all else (besides lit nerd, art geek and music dweeb) and may be available for a new gig or two. Pending it’s part time and remote (unless there’s paid relocation involved, in which count me in twice).

Herbal and Nootropic production formulation, small business consultation & order fulfillment

I’ve been studying herbs and herbalism for nearly half my life. For the past decade I’ve been making my own herbal blends, tinctures, extract formulas, medicinal teas, all-natural/tobacco-free smoke blends & more. I’m hoping to launch JungleJava & a few more proprietary formulas I’ve been working on for sometime as soon as possible.

As far as consultation goes, I’ve been closely involved with several herbal, ethnobotanical and nootropic supplement retailers doing everything from content creation, linkbuilding & outreach, newsletter marketing to product formulation consultation.

The New Dawn Herbals Bottling and fulfillment team are equipped with cGMP encapsulation equipment (Torpac Profiller 1100 and change-out parts for sizes 0, 3 and 000). The team’s current output is around 15,000 capsules a week minimum. We’ve previously filled over one million individual capsules for our contractors.


Quality & customer service oriented

I love what I do and my obsessively perfectionist nature drives me to continually strive to beat my personal score from the day before today. I aim to please in all I do. Letters of recommendations and referrals available upon request.

philip fairbanks

And then…

If you’re interesting in talking further about any sort of project please drop me a line.

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