The Great Broadband Bait and Switch

Ma Bell strikes again! The quintessential utilities monopoly, AT&T and others have been implicated on $400 billion broadband scam that has been running over two decades and continues to this day. Though you most likely were completely unaware of it, you’ve been swindled. It was a classic bait and switch and so far the heist is being pulled off without the slightest hitch. It’s been said the difference between a pirate and an emperor is that the pirate has but the one ship, whereas the emperor has an armada. It’s certainly true that if a private citizen were accused of the type of fraud that is rampant in the telecommunications industry, they would be held liable for serious crimes. Instead of upgrading to fiber optics, the telecomm companiues rolled out ADSL using the existing, crumbling copper wire infrastructure. This was after having pitched the idea of superior fiber optics technology as early as the 90’s.

As of the end of 2014, Americans have been overcharged to the tune of $400 billion by Verizon, AT&T and CenturyLink for the promised fiber optic upgrade. It varies state by state, but taxes, fees and surcharges are added on to the cost of services. Many of these extra fees end up as revenue for the providers. A lowball estimate paid from 1992 – 2014 is around $4000 – $5000 per household, to date. Some of those revenues were specifically earmarked to build new infrastructure to ensure broadband access to schools and libraries via federal subsidies and other programs that benefit phone and cable companies.

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